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     With capability to drill and produce natural gas,       transport and sell gas via our pipeline in the same day            



What is natural gas?

Natural gas is primarily methane (CH4?). Its purity makes it an environmentally friendly fuel. Methane is a nonreactive hydrocarbon, which means its emissions do not react with sunlight to create smog. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is nontoxic, no carcinogenic and noncorrosive.

Found in the porous spaces in underground rock formations, natural gas isn’t feasible to transport over land due to its gaseous state. Rather, extensive underground pipelines have been developed to carry it from the wellhead to customers thousands of miles away after having been compressed to move more efficiently. Most U.S. households have access to a source of natural gas from a Local Distribution Company (LDC). These LDCs provide gas at pressures ranging from 4-50 psi.

Natural gas is lighter than air, making it a safe fuel for many applications. Any leakage will quickly dissipate into the atmosphere, reducing the risk of an explosion as compared to liquid fuels, which can pool on the ground or pollute our ground waters.