Energy Revenue America, Inc.

     With capability to drill and produce natural gas,       transport and sell gas via our pipeline in the same day            


Leadership Team & Company Headquarters


Energy Revenue America, Inc. is backed by an exceptional management team with general management experience and specific Natural Gas Industry experience:

 Charles H. Havens- – Chairman & Chief Operations Officer

Charley spent 40+ years as an innovator in the Data and Communications business and was involved with engineering, sales, marketing, and accounting at companies from very small to Fortune 500. He was deeply involved in the communications of the Utilities and Oil and Gas Industry for most of his Data Communications career supplying local and well site services. 

He represented AT&T to large independent Carriers and established partnerships with them during his 25 years as an entrepreneur starting and running his own companies. 

In 2006 Charley purchased Domestic Development Company, an oil and gas Production Company to pursue his philosophy of buying quality oil and gas properties that are marginally producing and can be economically reworked to full production by applying modern day, cutting edge technologies. DDC is directly involved in the leasing, engineering, physical re-working and Operations of wells and projects to closely control spending and maximize profits.

Charley formed Energy Revenue America, LLC in October 2009 to become a Lease Holding Operator in Oklahoma and support the CBM drilling and management of operations of the pipeline companies.

 N. Douglas Pritt – Chief Executive Officer

Recently served as Chairman & CEO of NavStar Technologies, Inc. and  has previously served as: (a) COO, then CEO of OnFiber Communications, a fiber optic cable provider (financed by Kleiner Perkins, Bechtel, Bear Stearns, and GE Capital), which was sold recently to Quest for $107 million; (b) Senior Vice President of Business Development with Sprint PCS from January of 1996 to January of 2001; and (c) Vice President Sales and various other senior management positions (logistics, plant manager, customer service, engineering) with Lucent Technologies.


Patrick Bannister – Chief Financial Officer

Recently served as CFO for NavStar Technologies, Inc. Patrick possesses over twenty-five years of experience in the Technology and Financial Services spaces. Pat holds a CPA (inactive) designation in California, as well as several securities industry licenses. In addition, he has worked for Deloitte & Touche; Bateman, Eichler, Hill, Richards Inc., Everen Securities, and is experienced in the finance, accounting and operations of businesses of varied sizes and industries. has worked for Deloitte & Touche, Bateman Eichler, Hill Richards, Inc., Everen Securities, Inc. and has over 25 years of