Energy Revenue America, Inc.

     With capability to drill and produce natural gas,       transport and sell gas via our pipeline in the same day            


Coal Bed Methane & Methane Company in Dallas, Texas


Natural Gas Supply State of Oklahoma

·      Natural Gas Production: 1,827,328 million cubic feet (2011)

·      Rotary Rigs in Operation (Gas): Average per month 120 (2011)

·      Total natural gas wells, drilled, not plugged: 65,000 (2011) 

“The largest individual gas reserve in the United States covers much of the Oklahoma Panhandle, extending northward from Texas through this area and into Kansas. This sprawling Hugoton-Panhandle field provides gas to comfort mankind, fire the boilers of industry and undergirds the nation’s economy.” Oklahoma Corporation Commission Annual report 2011.

Energy Revenue America is drilling in the Cherokee Basin in Oklahoma. 

The United States sits atop tremendous natural resources. Several studies have shown that recent innovations, particularly combining hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling, have unlocked vast new supplies of domestic natural gas that are plentiful enough to provide 100 years of supply at current demand levels. The challenge is that much of the United States' onshore natural gas resources are locked away in difficult-to-reach formations.


Pipeline Stretching across Land, Coal Bed Methane in Dallas, TX


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