Energy Revenue America, Inc.

     With capability to drill and produce natural gas,       transport and sell gas via our pipeline in the same day            


Energy Revenue America, Inc. is Focused on Natural Gas in the Cherokee Basin










High-Quality Coal Bed Methane

Energy Revenue America, Inc is focused on drilling Coal bed Methane natural gas wells in Nowata County in the Northeastern corner of Oklahoma in the Cherokee Basin. 

Oklahoma has the 3rd largest natural gas proven reserves in the US.

Our goal is to drill 72 wells a year for the next 5 years. 

Our expert staff and high-tech facilities combine to seek out pockets of CBM (coal bed methane), extract it from the ground, and deliver for sale via our pipeline some of the best and most affordable natural gas of its kind.

Energy Revenue America, Inc.  Is vertically integrated and participates in  all four step required to deliever natural gas for sale.  

Exploration is how natural gas is found, and how companies decide where to drill wells for it.  

Extraction is the drilling process, and how natural gas is brought from its underground reservoirs to the surface. 

Production is what happens once the well is drilled; including the processing of natural gas once it is brought out from underground.  

Transport is how the natural gas is transported from the wellhead and processing plant, using the extensive network of pipelines throughout North America.  




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